Our goals


Acotred Pacifique brings together the waste management stakeholders in New Caledonia. These may be companies involved in waste collection and/or treatment, consultancies, environmental protection non-profits, unions, local authorities, schools, etc.

Acotred was created in 2011 by companies specialising in waste management. This initiative was created out of these specialists’ desire to improve waste management in the country by contributing their expertise and their technical, human and financial resources.

Acotred aims to:

Innovate to present new waste management methods suited to our island environment

Provide educational content and training for new skills

Provide technical support to ensure regulatory projects match the reality on the ground, and to promote the circular economy by transforming waste into resources.

Objectives and Missions

Acotred Pacifique has developed a strategy based on four major pillars:

  1. Optimise waste management costs
  2. Support the development of regulations
  3. Professionalise our businesses
  4. Create new markets.



  • South Province Department of Economy, Training and Employment (DEFE)
  • French Government Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
  • Acotred members through their membership fees


Institutional partners

South 1 North Provinces, Direction of Economy, Training and Employment (DEFE), Ademe, Fond Pacifique