Know us

What is a cluster?

Here is the definition of a cluster, according to Michel PORTER, in 1990:

”Geographic concentration of related companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, companies belonging to a related industry, associated institutions – universities, regulatory agencies, professional organizations – in a particular sector, which confront and cooperate at the same time.

ACOTRED PACIFIC is a cluster created in 2011. This initiative was born from the desire of professionals specializing in waste management to advance the management of waste in the region by providing their expertise and their technical, human and financial resources. Today, the cluster comprises around thirty actors. By joining ACOTRED, member companies undertake to respect the ACOTRED PACIFIC Charter, a pledge and guarantee of work carried out according to the rules of the art. 

Word from the President

“Our insularity requires us to find management methods adapted to our island status. This is the work that is carried out by the members of our cluster through the 4 axes of its strategy.

The expertise of our members must allow us to innovate and offer local treatment solutions and allow the islands of the Pacific region to access these technologies.

Maintain and create jobs and promote reintegration while respecting our environment.”

Organization chart

  • President: Nadir BOUFENECHE
  • Vice-president: Tony ROGER
  • General Secretary: Jeanie FORNO
  • Secretary: Eric VERGOZ
  • Treasurer: Angelo DOOM