Our actions and training



As part of a strong development approach, members meet in thematic working groups. Their aim is to propose structuring projects for the future, develop sectors, optimize waste management in terms of costs and environmental protection, and to continue the professionalization of our professions, in particular by developing the training of future workers.

Administrative and technical referent for members

The cluster provides support to its members, which may be of several types :

• Administrative: help in understanding the regulations in force, information on aid schemes, project management, etc.

• Technical: development of new sectors, research of tools, purchases and shared resources, etc.

• Technical referent for institutional partners

• Share our technical experience with legislative bodies in order to guarantee the field implementation of future regulations

• Work in collaboration with institutions to see new waste management sectors emerge

• Analyze and study opportunities for developing new sectors. Carry out treatment trials and sustain them

• Eco Logical Meeting

Every semester, the cluster invites players in its sector of activity and its partners to Eco Logic meetings. They make it possible to share practical information and exchange within the framework of a responsible economy linked to current and future waste management. ACOTRED positions itself as the privileged facilitator of its network: dialogue, share, exchange, support and innovate.


The field of waste management is vast and complex. Harmonization of skills and knowledge is necessary. Indeed, whether you are a company, an individual, an institution, an association, etc. the levels of information differ.

To collaborate and work effectively, you have to speak the same language. ACOTRED offers to inform you about the complexity of the waste management sector.

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