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List of members

Businesses Activities Address Phone E-mail
Ad drain Drainer
Auto shock Breaker24342
Boufeneche drain Drainer
Caledoclean Environmental protection association
Challenge Collection of end-of-life vehicles
CSP Recycling container and ISD
Ecorecycle Treatment of WEEE
Ecotrans Waste collection
Elayine Drehu Recycling center
EMC itement of metals, battery
EMC North Metal processing, battery
ETV Aluminum foundry and battery conditioning
GIE BEHP Buffer storage of used oils
Gustave towing Collection of end-of-life vehicles
Hydroclean Drainer
Jo towing Collection of end-of-life vehicles
Mesachemie Supply of dangerous products
Mont Dore environment Opérateur de tri d'emballages
Mont Dore High School High school
Pacific drain Drainer
Pacific north drain Drainer
Pacific Star DIB collection and compactors
Please mana Collection operator
Promed Treatment of DASRI
Propnord Waste collection
PSP Waste collection
Purification and drying services Sludge treatment
Recycal Traitement des métaux, batterie
River tow Collection of end-of-life vehicles
Robex Treatment of hazardous waste
Sandy Breakdown and towing Collection of end-of-life vehicles
Shred-X Collection and processing of paper and cardboard
Socadis Treatment of hazardous waste
Tow bush Collection of end-of-life vehicles
Traivaldec Waste collection
Viva Environment DIB collection and compactors
Viva North Environment DIB collection and compactors