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Our values and objectives


ACOTRED members are part of a voluntary approach to progress, a strong approach to sustainable development and environmental protection, and a circular economy. We want to guarantee working conditions that protect workers, offer them training, demonstrate solidarity, transparency and be a support function for the players in our network.

Commitment to guarantee working conditions and worker protection: The professionalization of companies requires the training of its employees. In order to provide quality services, ACOTRED member companies undertake to inform, train and provide appropriate equipment to their staff. They offer to retrain and acquire new skills by following technical and regulatory developments in our professions.

Economic and social commitment: Sharing knowledge, expertise, experience, dialogue, all these essential aspects within the framework of collaboration within a cluster make it possible to create synergies. These synergies will become projects and can lead to the creation of new businesses and generate jobs. ACOTRED is committed, through its role as facilitator, to increasing the level of general information and helping to better understand the complexity of our sector of activity.


ACOTRED’s objectives are:

• Innovate to propose new methods of waste management adapted to our island environment

• Offer educational content and train for new professions

• Be a technical referent to confront regulatory projects with the reality on the ground + promote the circular economy


ACOTRED has established a strategy that is structured around 4 major axes:

• Optimize waste management costs

• Support the development of regulations

• Professionalize our professions

• Create new markets


Financial partners:

• Directorate of Economy, Training and Employment (DEFE) of the South Province

• Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)

• ACOTRED members through contributions