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Ecological meetings

Every quarter, the cluster and its partners invite the actors in its sector to an Eco Logicalmeeting.

These make it possible to share and exchange practical information related to daily waste managementin the context ofcreating a responsible economy.
Acotred is positioned as the privileged leader of our network: discussing, sharing, exchanging, supporting and innovating.

Acotred Training

The field of waste management is vast and complex. Harmonisation of knowledge and knowhow is essential. However,the information levels required will differ depending on whether you are a company, an individual, an institution, an association etc.

To collaborate and work effectively we all have to speak the same language.

The Acotred label

The purpose of the Acotred Pacific label is to guarantee quality professional service to clients who use a labelled company. Indeed, it guarantees that the service will be carried out adhering to the rules best practice and in the respect of the regulations in force:

  • Traffic Laws
  • Regulations governing the transport of dangerous substances by road (ADR) and by sea (IMDG)
  • LabourLaws
  • Occupational health and safety standards
  • Environmental Codes
  • Noumea, Waigani and Basel Conventions