Understand the sectors

Understanding waste management

Complementary activities

  • Brainpower/technical expertise: Consultancy firms
  • Environmental protection: charitable organisations, outdoor waste clean-up campaigns, awareness raising, revegetation, etc.

How is waste managed?

In New Caledonia, each province has jurisdiction over environmental protection, including the regulation of waste management.

Municipalities are responsible for managing household refuse. Waste is collected by municipal technical services or delegated to a specialised waste collection operator.

Businesses are responsible for managing their own waste. They are required to dispose of their waste in specific facilities depending on the nature of the waste. They may dispose of their waste themselves at drop-off points or hire a disposal firm.

Whatever the origin of the waste, the treatment operators ensure its disposal complies with strict technical and regulatory criteria imposed by the regulations in force (storage, recovery, export, etc.).

What to do with this waste?

Waste management guides can be downloaded from the link below:

Waste and the circular economy

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