Our actions

Work group

As part of an aggressive development process, members meet in thematic working groups. These are intended to recommend concrete future projects, and to continue the professionalisation and ensure the sustainability of the sectors.

But also, to be a driving force for organisations by proposing developments and structuring projects.

An administrative and technical reference point for members

The cluster provides support to its members. This support can be of several kinds:

  • Administrative: help understanding the regulations in force, information on subsidies etc.
  • Technical: development of new sectors, research tools, purchases and shared resources etc.

Technical reference point for partners

Share our technical experience with legislating bodies to ensure the implementation of future regulations.

Work in collaboration with institutions to encourage the emergence of new regulated channels.

Analyse and study opportunities for the development of new sectors. Undertake treatment trials and ensure their sustainability.

Eco Logical meetings

Every quarter, the cluster and its partners invite the actors in its sector to the Eco Logicalmeeting.

These make it possible to share practical information and promote exchange within a responsible economy closely linked to daily waste management.

Acotred is positioned as the natural leader of our network: discussing, sharing, exchanging, supporting and innovating.

Pacific Regional Environmental Program (PROE / SPREP)

The members of Acotred are engaged in regional discussions with the aim that New Caledonia be represented in the Oceanic Regional Protection Program for the Environment.

Through conferences, round tables, thematic workshops, the 26 participating islands and countries are part of a process of voluntary progress by sharing their expertise and experience in waste management.

Infographic: The cluster’s internal missions on the scale of New Caledonia, and the region.