Our actions

Working group

As part of our strong development approach, members meet in thematic working groups. These groups aim to define projects for the future, develop new sectors, optimise waste management in terms of cost and environmental protection, and to further the professionalisation of our businesses, in particular, by developing training for future employees.

Administrative and technical support for members

Our cluster provides support to its members in several ways:

  • Administrative: help in understanding the regulations in force, information on aid schemes, project management, etc.
  • Technical: development of new sectors, identifying tools, procurement and pooled resources, etc.

Technical support for institutional partners

Sharing our technical experience with law-making bodies to ensure that future regulations are implemented on the ground.

Collaborating with institutions to facilitate the emergence of new waste management systems.

Analysing and studying opportunities to develop new systems. Trialling treatment methods and making them sustainable.

RDV Eco Logique

Every six months, the cluster invites waste management stakeholders and partners to Eco Logique meetings. These events provide an opportunity to share practical information and swap ideas on current and future waste management within the framework of a responsible economy. Acotred has positioned itself as the preferred facilitator for its network, supporting dialogue, sharing, discussions, support and innovation.

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Programme (SPREP)

Acotred members are involved in regional discussions to represent New Caledonia in the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (PREP).

Through conferences, roundtables and thematic workshops, the 26 participating islands and countries take part in a voluntary progress initiative, sharing their expertise and experience in waste and pollution management.