Our values

A word from the President

As islanders, we must find management methods which suit our island status. This is the work our members undertake through the four pillars of the cluster’s strategy.

Our members’ expertise will enable us to innovate, propose local treatment solutions and allow Pacific island countries to access these technologies.

We aim to maintain and create jobs and encourage social rehabilitation while respecting our environment.

Organisation chart

President: Angelo DOOM, Hydroclean
1st Vice President: Assen ALI BEN ALI, AD
2nd Vice President: Eric VERGOZ, PSP
Secretary General: Jeanie FORNO, Socadis
Treasurer: Nadir BOUFENECHE, Boufeneche vidange
Secretary: Hiro MATTALIANO, EMC


Acotred members adhere to a voluntary approach to progress, a strong commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, and to the circular economy. Our intent is to guarantee working conditions that protect employees, offer them training, demonstrate solidarity and transparency, and provide a support function for the stakeholders in our network.

Commitment to ensuring good working conditions and employee protection:

Staff training is key to business professionalisation.
In order to provide quality services, Acotred member companies are committed to informing and training their staff, and providing them with appropriate equipment.
They offer retraining and upskilling courses in keeping with the technical and regulatory developments in our sector.

Economic and social commitment

Sharing knowledge, expertise and experience, together with dialogue are all essential aspects of collaboration within a cluster, which in turn creates synergies. These synergies will evolve into projects and may then lead to the creation of new companies and new jobs. As the facilitator, Acotred is committed to improving the level of general information and to helping better understand the complexity of our business sector.