Our values

The President’s message

Our insularity requires us to find management methods adapted to our island status. This is the work that is carried out by the members of Acotred through the 4 axes of its strategy.

Waste management is subject to the economies of scale, and on one island group, quantities are limited.

The expertise of our members should allow us to innovate and propose home-grown treatment solutions and to access these technologies with the other islands of the Pacific region.

Maintain, create employment and promote job reintegration whilst respecting our environment.

Our organisation

President: Angelo DOOM, Hydroclean
1st Vice-President: Rose ALI BEN ALI, AD Vidange
2nd Vice President: Eric VERGOZ, PSP
Secretary General: Jeanie FORNO, Socadis
Treasurer: Nadir BOUFENECHE, Boufeneche liquid waste collection
Secretary: Hiro MATTALIANO, EMC


Voluntary progressivestance
Robustattitude to sustainable development, protection of the environment, and the circular economy
The guarantee of safe working conditions for workers, and business training

Solidarity, transparency, and support for contributors